The Numbers Don’t Lie

I couldn’t actually vote in yesterday’s gubenatorial primary. When I registered way back when, I registered as an Independant, but then I went and voted in the Republican Primary when Romney was running, which automatically switches me to Republican status. I should have gone and switched myself back, but I’m lazy and this never happened.

Nevertheless, I was happy to see that Deval Patrick had won the Democratic spot.

And it really was no competition, as these numbers from show. (I tried to actually show the numbers. but the tables won’t copy. If you want to see the stats, I’m afraid you must register.)

I’ll do the neccesary reasearch and all before casting my vote, but I don’t have all that much faith in Healy.And sound reasoning aside, I think this just may come down to the Kennedy/Nixon dichotomy. Healy plays horribly on TV. She doesn’t have a spark to her. Patrick has that X Factor. He gets people to sit up and take notice.

And in a state that is so overwhelmingly liberal, it’s the Republican who needs the X Factor.

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