Slap Dash

So, Linds and I got into some kind of argument, as we are wont to do. I was probably right.

In a moment of frustration, she attempts to insult me. What does she say in her meager attempt?

“Market Economist!”

To which I reply, with equally insulting intention, “Keynesian-influenced Marxist!”

Oh, we are just so cool it hurts.



Walking through downtown with Tim and Morgan, I tell Tim about a book he really should read, because he’d love it.

“Is that the one by the guy from Killing the Buddha?”

Blank stare. “You know about KtB? How long have you known about it?”

“A while now.”

“And you never told me about it? Did you not think I’d like it?”

“Killing the Buddha is like a religious experience. Each must find it in his own way.”

Jackass. My way could have been through YOU. And I say jackass with all possible affection.



Talking to Lindsey after a tough day at Wendy’s, making sandwiches for what seemed to be all of New England.

“You know, it’s really humbling to realise you can’t be good at everything.”

“You don’t realise it now, but you sound like a complete jerk by saying that.”

I’m puzzled. “But I just said I know I can’t be good at everything.”

“Yeah, and it took you till you were 24 to realise it?”

“Good point.”

In fairness to myself, I know that I’m not good at a lot of things, but it still escapes me on a regular basis as to why I can’t be good at everything. I really think that hard work and determination should mean that if I try enough, I can be good at everything. Sadly, this has not proven to be the case.



The other night I couldn’t sleep, so I went on a long walk.

As it turns out, I live in an area teeming with religiosity.

In walking distance of my apartment are an Orthodox synagouge, a Society of Friends Meetinghouse, and Episcopalian, Catholic, Pentecostal, and Baptist churches.

How cool is that?

3 responses to “Slap Dash

  1. Those are some great stories.

    The real problem is that it takes time to be good, and time to stay good, and there just isn’t enough time … kind of like My Turn on Earth 😉

    Wait until you get to the libertarian Marxists … (Yugoslavia *used* to have a bunch of those) and labor managed firms … then you can have some great insults to trade.

    Keep writing.

  2. no kidding. These are really good vignettes.

    I’ve got an Eastern Orthodox Church and a Society of Friends meetinghouse.

  3. btw, you were my path to Killing the Buddha months ago.

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