How Firm a Foundation?

Jen and I went hiking in Purgatory Chasm yesterday. It may sound like hell, but it was actually pretty fun. I think I’m going to make it my Sunday morning habit. Celebrate the Sabbath in Purgatory. Just the right amount of irony.

So, we’re sitting there, freezing, having lunch at a weathered picnic table, and I say, “Why do you think they named it Purgatory Chasm?”

Jen says, “Well, Massachusetts was founded by a bunch of superstitious Puritans. They probably looked down this deep hole in the ground and thought it went half way to Hell.”

I love Jen.


It’s been another trying week. I told Pris yesterday that life is just a blur right now, and that is the perfect way to describe it. Trying to work 65 hours a week and go to school has caught up with me. I took a day off from Wendy’s this week, but then wound up working almost 14 hours on Thursday and then going in for a lunch shift on what was my normal day off. Needless to say, I didn’t get much done.

 So, I spent last night at Shell trying to play catch up, but my mind was sluggish and the material was more challenging than I’ve been used to. I have gotten pretty complacent and I’ve mistaken ease for infallibility. I just really don’t understand T-accounting, and it’s frustrating to bang my head against something repeatedly and still not understand it.

 I’m supposed to be smart, damn it.


But the weariness is getting to me. I’m losing sight of my goals and I’m *this* close to just saying screw it and just coast for the rest of the semester.

I’m avoiding the GREs, though I need to take them sooner rather than later. I need to make my short list of programs. Do I want to stay here? Go south? Venture west?

Do I want an orthodox program? If so, I really need to hit the math books. I need at least two Calcs and a Linear Algebra, which makes me wish I had just minored in math. Especially since I am leaning towards Econometrics.

Who ever thought the Christian Studies and Philosophy major would end up a stats geek?

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