Salt Lake City, Utah 11/11/06

I walk these streets with mild trepidation
And I know that with each tentative step
More moments of unquiet temptation
Are ahead than those I’ve already left

Should I look upward for inspiration?
Seek signs from the clouds–or higher above?
For all these worried nights, confrontation.
Is this all I get from a God of Love?

With one step, I stand in the holy square.
Rain falls as I stumble and slowly kneel,
While my breath catches with familiar fear
And my rebellious heart aches just to feel

A single moment of that First Estate
When unbelief was small and faith was great.


One response to “Salt Lake City, Utah 11/11/06

  1. brahnamin (sevinhand)

    i find i really want to comment but none of the words that fumble towards my typing fingers stand up to the echoes your latest posts have stirred.

    maybe just ‘thank you’


    be blessed and bless.

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