It was a wash…

We both decided the Messiah Sing was not for us, so at first chance, we slipped out the back.

The chapel is adjacent to the temple, so we took the little footpath up to the grounds and walked around, looking for shelter as the rain fell harder and harder.

We found a little alcove, next to the satelite dish, and huddled under my jacket. It wasn’t raining that hard.

We told our life stories, until the rain became too much, and we sought shelter in the vestibule of the temple. Even God makes kids stand on the porch when they’re soaking wet.

And we were soaking wet, so we decided hot chocolate was in order.

But alas, everywhere we went was closed–and it was only nine thrity, so we snuck back into the chapel where the munch and mingle was going on. I had spotted a few people from my BU days, and from the ‘Nacle, and wanted to say hi. No hugs, though. We were too wet.

When I woke up this morning, I still smelled like rain.

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