What Once Was Lost

So, it turns out that I didn’t lose all those books I thought I lost. Turns out there were a couple hundred of them–four medium sized boxes. I don’t feel like writing about the circumstances that led to their return. I’m a bad writer like that; I don’t like writing about situations that I’m too emotionally close to.

I also end sentences with prepositions.

Sorry, my pen is broken.

One response to “What Once Was Lost

  1. I must say, French only heightened my awareness to dangling prepositions. There are many more “to which’s” and “with whom’s” in my phraseology now. It quite nearly sounds haughty, but by jove, if the people with whom I find myself are bothered by what is good and proper, than I shall certainly quit them forthwith!

    Can I kiss your pen better? It always seems to work with kids’ boo-boos, not that medical science would admit it though. (Heartless doctors…)

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