Life’s Eternal Questions

How is it that a date that ends in a bloody nose can be so gosh darn fun?

5 responses to “Life’s Eternal Questions

  1. that would depend on how one got said bloody nose…or gave it.

  2. Racquetball.


  3. masochist. twice. excercize AND injury. must be a helluva guy.

  4. yeah, well, the worst of it is that it wasn’t an errant shot–though I do have a nice softball sized bruise from one of those. We were playing “tag” by throwing the balls at each other and he accidently chucked it at my face.

    At least I didn’t get a black eye.

    I told him the abuse isn’t supposed to start til at least the 5th or 6th date. 😉

  5. tag with raquet balls? a sadist and a masochist. nice.


    as long as you’re having fun, all’s fair as you allow is fair. 😉

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