No Rest for the Wicked

I’m completely commited to wasting the time between now and Family Home Evening, so I figured I could at least blog.

This won’t be a post of brilliance. I wrote a ten-pager yesterday. There is no more amazing prose left in my brain. Sorry.

The funny thing is that I enjoyed writing that paper. The data drove me absolutely crazy. I must have run at least eleven different regressions before I found one that sort of worked–and most of my paper is a discussion of the problems with my data.

The one sure thing is that I am absolutely exhausted. I was ready for the semester to end a week ago, but I feel like I need an extra week to get everything accomplished that I have left to do. I’ll likely be up until at least two tonight and I have a final first thing. But before I study for that, I have 7 article summaries to do. Yeah, I should have been  working on them all as I went along, but I am a procrastinator. Let me whine, damnit.

I’ve been looking forward to the end of the semester for so long, as if it were the end goal and I could relax after that, but the truth is, next semester promises to be more brutally busy than this one was.

I’m taking 4 pretty challenging classes–Astronomy, Music, Public Finance, and Intermediate Micro. Intermediate Micro is sure to be the death of me. Plus, the KtB internship starts sometime in January, we’re getting the Econ club started next semester–and I’m the idoit who said she’d be the VP. I’m also presenting that paper at a conference in April and it is going to take a ton of work to get it where it needs to be.

And did I mention that my interview for promotion is the 21st of December? As long as I don’t f-up the interview, I’ll be promoted and have a whole bunch of new responsibility to deal with. I think training is like 8 weeks long.

This is also the spring semester of my junior year. Can anyone say GREs and Personal Statements?

Is it really too much to ask for some sort of break?

Oh, wait, that’s right. I’m Ms. Type A Overachieving Overacheiver.

My bad.

One response to “No Rest for the Wicked

  1. c’mon, now. buck up, miss wicked (man is that ever hard to imagine). christmas break is right around the corner.

    more to the point, the end of retail slavery in your life is around the corner.

    remember, a good education means never having to say :: “you want fries with that?”

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