Feel Free to Ignore This Post

::Gratuitous Celebratory Geekdom Post::

Two grades out of four are in and… drumroll please…

Intermediate Macro: 379/400 = 94.75 = A

English Comp 2: 90.9 = A (I don’t know if this going to end up being an A-, because that’s what a 90.9 really is, but she listed A as the letter grade on Blackboard. Maybe it’s scaled.)

I’m thinking A or A- or B+ in Money and Banking. It’s too close to call. Depends what I got on the project and the take home final.

Probably an A- or a B+ in Econometrics, depending on what I got on the paper and how I do on tomorrow’s final.

So, the 3.9 might live on for another semester and I just may apply to grad school.

And just as an aside, the two classes I desperately want A’s in (and think I deserve, given the amount of effort) are probably the two I won’t get A’s in. I so don’t deserve an A in neither Macro nor English Comp, but I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

In less celebratory news, tomorrow is the last new Glenn Beck show of the year.

Merry Frickin’ Winter!

[update: I managed the 4.0. I get a 4.0 to hide the pain.]

2 responses to “Feel Free to Ignore This Post

  1. Sweet. the 90.9 was recorded as a full A.

    you’d think I wouldn’t care about the difference between a 4.0 and a 3.7, but you’d be wrong.

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