The Day that Never Ended

Some girls court boys with cookies. I move furniture.

My day began at 6:35. The alarm went off far too soon. My first thought was why am I waking up at this ungodly hour? My second was, “Oh, yeah. Eric. Moving.” My third thought was, “dammit, I caught the cold!” as my airway felt obstructed and my throat was dry and achy. Luckily, I had a package of Ricola stashed away for this very happenstance.

With little trouble, I made it to Eric’s house and the fun began. From Rutland to Fitchburg to pick up the truck. Back to Rutland to load it with all the house stuff. Then to Westboro to  load all the work stuff into it. I swear that each part of his desk weighed more than me.

From Westboro to Woburn to unload all the office stuff at the new office and then to Malden to unload all the apartment stuff. Then to Medford to drop off the truck.

If you’re not from around here, you have no idea what any of those places are, but suffice to say it was a very long day. And my day did not end when we got back to Worcester.

It began. I started work 45 minutes late, thanks to us getting lost, combined with rush hour Boston traffic.

I got home from work half an hour ago. I don’t know how I am still standing.

Maybe because my feet are hardly touching the ground.


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