I Hereby Resolve

So, I’ve been putting off making resolutions, because I have no resolve. But I want to make serious goals, because I think perpetual progression is key to living a gospel centered life.

So, here it is January 1st and no resolutions yet. So, here they are.

One is that I want to start dressing more nicely. Not Dolce or anything, but just kind of nicer. Like I care. I know it seems shallow, but I think it is a worthy goal. It just puts me in a good mindset. A take-on the world sort of mindset.

I’d also like to actually return my library books on time. Those fines really add up.

Third, I’d like to read the entire standard works by the end of the year. Maybe 40 minutes a day would do the trick.

Let’s see…

I’d like to be up on current events a bit more this year. I think listening to Glenn Beck will help me along with that. At least I’ll be up on Iranian current events. lol.

And of course, there’s the whole be more healthy thing. Eric and I are talking about a “Word of Wisdom Diet.” We figure if we watch the junk that goes in, we’ll be in better shape.  The whole treat your body like a temple deal.

Okay, so this was completely incoherent and disjointed.

My final resolution is to be coherent and jointed. 😀

2 responses to “I Hereby Resolve

  1. Wow. That was quick. hehe.

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