Lunatics Running the Asylum

This was part of a text message I sent earlier today. Spending a day at work is exactly that; watching the lunatics run the asylum. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. But work is just work and doesn’t really matter, right?

Well, maybe, if it didn’t make me such a godawful horrible person in the meantime.

I don’t often say anything I shouldn’t, but I think things I shouldn’t almost minutely.

Like, “Sweet Father in Heaven, why did you make people so stupid?” I’m not being profane. Just meanly inquisitive.

It’s like all the dumb people either patronise where I work, or actually work there. It’s really hard to be Christlike and try to do one’s part in ushering in Zion when people are so incredibly STUPID.

How can I love these people when I can’t even take them seriously?

I tell Linds all the time that I just don’t understand how stupid people can be happy. Mostly because I cannot even imagine what it is like to be stupid.

Seriously, is that hard to just… uh… use your freakin BRAIN?

Clearly I am overworked and lacking in any type of charity.


6 responses to “Lunatics Running the Asylum

  1. How can stupid people be so happy? Simple, they are too stupid to realize that they really are unhappy 🙂

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  3. never underestimate stupid people or the glee they derive from tormenting the rest of us.

    oh, they loooook oblivious, but i’ve been in their chat rooms. they know what they are doing…oh, yes…they know.

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