Time Well Wasted

I just may be allergic to sleep.

Sleep is simply a waste of time. I mean, who wants to spend one third of his day doing absolutely nothing with his eyes closed, when he could be doing nothing with his eyes open?

Speaking of open eyes, I have had a twitch in my left eye for almost a week now. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s a little annoying and a little worrisome. I swear I watch too much House, because after a few days of this, I noticed it was a reoccurring thing, and my first thought was Could it be neurological?

I was supposed to blog something really funny that happened at work today, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was. The phrase ‘I’ve GOT to blog that’ came out of my mouth. I was standing by the fry station and I was laughing really hard. But no, I have no idea what it was. My bad.

You’ll never get the fifteen seconds it took you to read that back. Never. Nope. Sorry.

And I will never get the 45 minutes back that it took me to watch Friday’s DVRed episode of Glenn Beck on CNN Headline news. He interviewed Janice Dickenson. Yeah, the annoying woman from Surreal Life and America’s Next Top Model. Waste of airtime. Glenn, what were you thinking? Were you thinking? Did it just turn out differently than you had imagined?

I threw up a little in my mouth.

You know who else makes me throw up a little in my mouth? The President of Iran.

Will someone just assassinate him already?

4 responses to “Time Well Wasted

  1. ah…feel the chrisian love…


  2. ::has a Saved! moment::

    I am *filled* with Christ’s love! ::throws a Bible at you::


  3. .::man slain by balistic religious text :: blogger assassin suspected :: film @ 11::.


  4. Funny thing was, Brahnamin was just saying he needs to do a blog called “you know your a blogger when…” and one of those was “you have a ‘I should blog that’ moment” lol

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