Pretend this Title is Clever

Congratulations to whomever found this blog by searching for carnal hussy. I knew I needed a new modifier. Fits the bill rather well.

Speaking of fitting and not fitting, I don’t think I’ll ever fit in with Mormons.

Sure, I’ve got the no drinking coffee, tea, and alcohol thing down, God monopolizes my Sundays, and I’d like to have a gaggle of kids (or not), but I just don’t get the whole faith promoting story mindset.

All of those stories just suck the hope right out of my faith. They tell me that we think we need to be the same to be right. Maybe not “we” per se, but a portion of those whom we look for guidance. And even a small portion is too large a portion.

I look forward to Zion, when our hearts and our wills will be aligned for good (and for Good), but I think we will always retain our individuality, and that God would have it no other way. And I don’t mean I-like-green-jello-and-you-like-red-jello individuality.

I mean I’m economically conservative and you’re economically liberal individuality. I mean I watch TV on Sundays and you don’t individuality. I mean the kind of individuality that allows us to hold completely different opinions, but be equally righteous, ceritus paribus.

I think I hope in vain.

But I hope anyway.


3 responses to “Pretend this Title is Clever

  1. when asked why he persisted in his hindu faith, ghandi once said something to the effect that he might have become a christian if it weren’t for the christians. having read the words of the christ he felt that the teachings were sound and good.

    but he couldn’t find the evidence of those teachings in christianity at large.

    and this is the stumbling block we (collectively) present to the world. we get so caught up in the minutiae that we often don’t take time to just live and celebrate our lives the creator gave us…

    one has only to compare the disciples to know Jesus loved variety in his followers.

    one has only to look at paul to know that god doesn’t expect us to change who we are when we are converted, but merely to change how we use who we are for the kingdom.

    the experiences of our lives aren’t random or accidental, and it is our experiences that make us who we are.

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