Let Me Be Clear

In ten minutes I am going to bed.

Sunday is a day of rest, and if I hurry, I can still get some rest today.

I know that I am a bad blogger; I know that I have composed as many entries in my head as there have been days, but time has not permitted me to commit them to pixels.

I was forced to stay over my grandparents’ house last night under the threat of forcibly removing my car keys from my possession, so I gave in under the condition that we rent a movie.

We rented All the King’s Men. I’d love to tell you how the movie was, but after seven minutes I was out cold. I was awakened an hour into the movie and ordered to bed. I put up no defense, which is proof enough of exhaustion. I woke eight hours later, and as further proof of my exhaustion, was as tired when I awoke as I was when I feel to sleep.

But there were important things to be done today. Unfortunately, church just wasn’t one of those. I didn’t bring any change of clothes, and it’s an hour and a half drive to my place from the grandparents’, so that was a no go.

But there was Death by Chocolate, which was a fundraiser benefiting, come to find out, Rotarians. To be honest, it could have been Planned Parenthood, and I would have handed them my money, smiling all the way. If you ever want me to sell my soul, set the price in chocolate and it is all yours.

But none of this is the real point of this entry.

I need to do more research on this, but I have come to the conclusion that this life is all about me.

That’s right. My life ultimately has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do about me. That’s not to say I don’t welcome your presence in my life, or that I don’t love you almost more than life itself, but I am here to become something, and absent of that, everything else I do might as well have been in vain if I don’t become who I am supposed to be.

This isn’t a perfect theory, and I am much to tired to expound further, but the bare bones of it is that what I do for you is good in that it is service, and may help you become what you should (and how great is the joy of that man who brings but one soul unto the Father), but the reason I have this life and this body is that I must become. And the way I do that is to put God first and family second, and you probably rank third or fourth or fifth or sixth.

Don’t be offended. Be flattered that you even make the list, but don’t expect to cut in line, because it’s great that you are at the party, but this is my party and don’t you forget it.


2 responses to “Let Me Be Clear

  1. Quote – “Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have.”

  2. Why do I worry about grades – hardly anyone even cares not even my parents anymore so why should I? It’s not at all like the National Honor Society high school days with the quarter’s grades emblazoned on the school’s wall. Now the dean has an autopen sign the letters to all of the Dean’s listers. I worked hard and achieved a 3.85 but it didn’t really satisfy me and I don’t wonder if being #1 in something else, such as sports, would ease my craving for respect, attention and admiration.

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