That Moment

In movies, the moment is captured in different ways, depending on genre, but there is one unifying theme: there is a right response and a wrong response.

So, much like the evil liberal media convinces us that we should all look like starved supermodels in dire need of a sandwich, Hollywood has me convinced that there is a right way and a wrong way to respond.

I feel the moment coming–my female spidey senses are well tuned–and my mind races with what would be the best answer.

And I can’t find it. I try to hem and haw and figure out just the right way to say the wrong thing. Or maybe it’s the wrong way to say the right thing.

But this isn’t a movie and there is no script. So I say what I say.

And I wait and analyze, as that is what I do.

And after the wait and after the analyze, I do what the protagonist in my biopic would undoubtedly do.

I send a text message.

2 responses to “That Moment

  1. Umm. Maybe now would be a good time to blog?

  2. do we know anyone who could physically chain her to her computer for our entertainment?

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