The Mundane

The quote of the day, fyi, is:

You don’t need sugar when you have crack.

Today has been a crash day, because, well, I can crash right now with no real consequences. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to say that. Dropping down to two classes instead of four has given me the freedom I need to not go insane.

It means that next year will be a little (read: a lot) crazier, but it is an opportunity cost I am willing to pay.

The promotion is moving more slowly than I’d like. It’s mine for sure, and there is comfort in that, but orientations are on hold for four to six weeks, and with that, so is the raise. I’m not really about money, but it would be nice not to be worrying if I’m going to make it this month. If I were ever late on a bill, I think the world might end.

I have this borderline neurotic need to be on time. It’s like I try to order the inside by staying in complete control of the outside. It’s why I get nervous in traffic and downright sick in an airplane–I sacrifice control and that is not acceptable in Crystal Land.  This is why I am usually at least 15 minutes early to any appointment, and sometimes an hour early.

If you saw my room right now, you’d laugh at the lack of order. That, or be taken aback. It really is that sad, and it is driving me absolutely nuts. I meant to clean it today, but I fell asleep on the couch.

Speaking of falling asleep on the couch, have you ever noticed that minutes feel like hours when sleeping on the couch? I wake up feeling as if I’ve slept for a good three hours, and it’s really been half an hour.

My couch is a time machine.

One response to “The Mundane

  1. I think I suffer from the same “Control the Inside by Controlling the Outside” mentality. I hate being late or on-time. I have to be early.

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