This Mormon Life

I think I need to go to Church more often.

The bishop’s wife came through Drive Thru today, and I said hello in such a way that would indicate that I knew her.

Nope. Nothing. Not even a spark of recognition.

Maybe I am inactive.

Or maybe not.


File under: All of the pleasure, none of the sin


I have discovered the nector of the Gods. Or gods, in any case.

 Simply Limeade is simply delish.

And it tastes just like a Tom Collins.

Surely the Lord doth provide a way for every commandment he gives.

I can feel like a lush without any of the nasty after effects, e.g., going to Hell.

6 responses to “This Mormon Life

  1. And what’s wrong with inactive. As long as you’re happy.

  2. But I’m not inactive. At least not statistically. 😉

    I’m just lazy. I mean, who really wants to get up that early on a Sunday morning?

  3. and how do you know what a tom collins tastes like? 8)

    (add a notch to your *kewl* belt)

  4. I actually _don’t_ want to be reminded of the taste of alcoholic drinks.

    I used to be a fan of Cuba Libres, rum and [Diet] Coke with a twist of lime.

    Then, after coming back to church, and going on the WoW band-wagon, they came out with Diet Coke w/ Lime. I tried it. Flashback! Had to dump out the remaining cans. Drinking it was like walking into a bar. Even though I have no intention of going back to the hard stuff, it was just too dang close. The taste of Coke w/ lime brought back the wrong kind of feelings and memories. Tastes, smells, and sights have a strong impression on the mind and can invoke memories quite easily.

  5. When I was a bartender we used limeade as the mixer for Mr. Collins. We were too lazy to squeeze fruit to make the juice

  6. Yeah, I can’t hit the alcoholic tasting drinks, too close for comfort. No need to awaken a not too distant past with a familiar flavor

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