Just a slice o’ life post, with talent on loan from Netflix.

The First 25

  1. Numb3rs: Season 1: Disc 3
  2. Jesus Camp
  3. Memento
  4. Lucky Seven
  5. Northfork
  6. Thumbsucker
  7. The Sixth Sense
  8. Reality Bites
  9. Bad Influence
  10. Flightplan
  11. The West Wing: Season 7: Disc 3
  12. SLC Punk
  13. Trust the Man
  14. Conversations with Other Women
  15. Schindler’s List
  16. Church Ball
  17. The Sentinel
  18. Numb3rs: Season 1: Disc 4
  19. Saving Grace
  20. Children of Heaven
  21. Delicatessen
  22. The Machinist
  23. I’m Not Scared
  24. Intermission
  25. Happy Endings

Any additions?

One response to “InQ

  1. my wife had my kids watch jesusCamp today (mostly so they’ll know manipulative behavior when they encounter it).

    i have only seen clips so far (had to work today) but what i’ve seen looks like an atrocity. i’ll have to sit down tomorrow and watch the whole thing.

    sad thing is, i used to participate in events just like that … and not only felt good, felt justified doing so


    otherwise, i’ve only seen a handful of the flix on your lixt, but of those i’ve seen my favorite has got to be realityBites.

    that is my overlap flick, where i finally lost interest in winonnaRyder and first became a janeaneGarofalo fan

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