The Murky Middle

Terms like liberal and conservative are all relative. To some I sound liberal, but in saying the following, I am going to come off sounding more conservative than I’d like.

I just finished watching Jesus Camp.


I’m dissapointed. I thought it would be outrageous and controversal.

But I’m just left with a feeling of…


A bunch of Fundamentalist Evangelicals are raising their kinds to be–get this–Fundamentalist Evangelicals. They are teaching their kids to be soldiers for Christ, to stand up for righteousness. To stand up to people who tell them that God doesn’t have a place in their everyday lives, nor a place in their government.

Now, I admit that I felt a little funny watching them pray over the electrical equipment, telling Satan in Jesus’ name that he has no power over the Power Point program. The pastor lady kind of creeped me out, too.

But the people in this video are only different from me by degrees and by devotion.

I don’t have that level of devotion to God; I only wish it were so.

I don’t walk around a room and demand that Satan depart from the microphones, but I do get down on my knees and pray that nothing will go wrong, that the Spirit will attend, and that each person will learn what it is that God would have us learn.

I don’t think that the Church should govern, but I do pray that our leaders will be guided by the Light of Christ to make righteous, godly decisions.

I don’t witness to people in bowling alleys, but the pertinant question isn’t why do these children do it, but rather, why don’t I?

Mormons aren’t Evangelical, but we are supposed to be evangelical.

I’m not saying I wish to be more Evangelical, but I’m not not saying it, either.

5 responses to “The Murky Middle

  1. not evangelical? LoL. i’ve had more mormons darken my doorsteps in hopes of converting me in the last 9 months than all other denominations combined over the entire course of my life.

    as to the video, you’re right. fundamental evangelicals raising little fundie evandals.


    as i said in your movie-list post, the part that got me was the forced guilt trip they railroaded these kids through.

    that was the part that really twisted my guts.

    especially that tight little not in the back of my guts that knew it really wasn’t even neccessary. kids that age will follow letter and spirit for the sake of love and pleasing those they love alone.

    those kids will carry that guilt for the better part of their lives. time will tell whether it ultimately drives them to devotion or cynicism

  2. ps-like the booky new header. it’s very you.

  3. The new header is serendipitous. It’s the default pic for the theme. Cool, eh?

    As for the manipulation…

    Yeah, it’s teh suck, but (and I am only going off of my own religious experience and faith background here) it’s not all that different from what other religions do to their kids, or what non-religious people do to their kids when it comes to other things.

    I really wish that more people used other tools to raise their kids besides fear and emotional manipulation, and it makes me happy when I see people raise their kids in such a way that they become healthy, balanced individuals, but overall, the film didn’t shout psycho-Christian to me the way I expected it to.

  4. Oh, and I didn’t mean to imply that Mormons aren’t evangelical. I think in many ways we are more evangelical than many Evangelicals.

    Boy, this evangelical/Evangelic wordplay is fun. 😉

  5. yeah, having been raised by baptists i am familiar with emotional manipulation, though our fare was a wee bit more subtle in that it was similar to the us’n’them mentality that permeated the eighties towards the end of the cold wars.

    i do remember in christian HS we called eveangelicals evil-jelly-rollers (holy rollers was a pop name for them @ the time and we were just oh sew painfully clever)

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