I used to be a writer; these days I’m just a thinker.

I say this not to complain, but by way of explaination.

I no longer felt driven to a keyboard when moodiness or happiness strikes. Instead, I open a magazine or a book, pick up the phone or open a door, watch tv or go for a walk.

 I do things.


I’m looking forward to a boring semester. My classes are Personal Health, Physical Geography, College Algebra, Psychology, and Physics.

Lots of P’s, no E’s. I’m going to miss my skate-by Economics courses. With Economics, once you have a very solid foundation in the basics, you just can’t fail. Everything you need to know, you learn in Intro to Macro and Intro to Micro.

The rest of the stuff, with higher class numbers, is simply more interesting, not more difficult.

Ah, I am quite the snob, aren’t I?


Perhaps boring was not the correct word. I’m going to be very tired. Twice a week, I will work a closing shift and then have 8 am classes. Luckily for me, because I have Physics on Monday and Wednesday nights, this will not happen twice in a row. My rough patch will be Thursday/Friday, but I will get to sleep in Saturday.

Somehow, these things always work out for me. I really will pull off 40 hours of work and 5 classes, with relative ease and a little discipline. I don’t know about keeping my 3.9, but I will try like hell.


Talked to Eric tonight. Sadly, he and Krystal will not be making it to the Glenn Beck Convention this weekend.

But I will be!

I know it will be fun. Last time I saw Glenn live, it was a smashing good time.

I am ambivalent about meeting him, though. I have this thing about celebrities. To me, they are just people. And if I don’t have anything in common with them, what do I say? I hate the notion of being all gaga, and “OMG!!!111!!!! UR so KeWl!!!!”

 But NYC for a day?

 OMG!!!111!!!! so KeWl!!!11!!!one!1!!!!

2 responses to “kEwL!!!1!

  1. It might depend on the celebrity, but I’ve generally been pretty cool (I did have Tom Clancy suggest I needed to lose weight after meeting him at one book signing).

  2. I know lots of people who no one else knows … don’t know if they count as celebrities or not 😉

    They are to me.

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