Crawling Toward Zion

It must come as quite a shock to see new words on this screen. It will come as a shock to me if there is anyone left reading this blog.

The hour is late and my lids are droopy, but my mind is wide awake.

So much has changed and so much is so much the same.

I have a move planned that begins in two weeks. I am moving southward, back very close to my hometown.

I feel an ever-increasing need to gather closer to the people whom I love. So, I am. I will be leaving a few people behind here, but I will still work with the most important of the bunch. The commute to work will be more than worth the time and effort.

I’m renting a few rooms from the Livingstons, a family to whom I have been close for many years. The children are truly a delight, Bret makes me laugh even when calling me to repentance (which he does for good reason!), and Kora always helps put things in perspective for me.

For the first time, I will live in a household that has the Priesthood present, and it brings me an odd sense of comfort. I’ve been praying and studying and changing, and there is nothing more I need right now than the influence that only the Gospel can give.

School can wait.

I have more important things to learn right now.

3 responses to “Crawling Toward Zion

  1. Hey, I check in from time to time and worry about you, I think many do. Hope all goes well for you.

  2. You know I am here. I don’t think you could ever get rid of me.

  3. Nice to see you writing again. Let me know when you make it to the South, and I’ll buy you lunch sometime.

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