My Life in General

There is a certain restlessness about this night that leaves me sleepily wide awake.

The wind is strong and bitterly cold; the sort of cold that makes it a pleasure to pay someone else to pump your gas, if only there was such a station in a distance close enough that would not leave me hitchhiking to the station.

The roads are as icy as my malformed soul. My car scattered back and forth, before deciding at the last minute to take the turn home much too widely, but injuring no one. Sort of like my life in general.

I am warm and cozy, so long as I don’t wander outside, also much like my life in general.

I finally finished a book I have been reading since December 8th, the day of my boring flight to Pittsburgh. I do not recommend Special Topics in Calamity Physics. In a word, it sucks.

In more than one word, it believes itself to be much smarter than it is, which amazingly enough, is also much like my life in general.

At least I am smarmily brief.

One response to “My Life in General

  1. Interestingly enough, I was just given that book to read a couple months ago. It hasn’t made it any farther then my TBR shelves….I think I will shift it to the bottom of the pile.

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