Back to Blogging

This experimental return to blogging is tougher than I thought it might be.

For one thing, I am in front of a computer far less often than I used to be. I’ve spent a total of 10 hours in my own home in the last two weeks, and that is being generous.

House-sitting for the Grandparents has been a pleasure; cable television, comfy chairs just perfect for reading, and full use of a great kitchen.

When I haven’t been here at the familial homestead, I’ve been off at J’s spending time at our favorite restaurants and getting a little too drunk. She really is the best friend ever. For real, for real.

 Aside from all this time away, I just wonder which angle to take. Do I want to stay a slice o’ lifer? Should I pen screeds condemning McCain’s painfully obvious RINOism? Will my never-ending Dark Night of the Soul be interesting? How about this battle for a firm sense of self? A layman’s Freakonomics?

Ah. Potential…

4 responses to “Back to Blogging

  1. “Specialization is for insects.”

  2. you whine too much. start writing, slacker!

  3. Whatever, Tim.

    I’m already jealous of your new blog. You are far better at minutae than I am.



  4. Now I have a new word to look up. Jerk.


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