Quite the Week

If I had to choose one word to describe this week it would be stressful.

Two times a year, we have a surprise inspection by a QSC Manager. His job is basically to watch every single thing we do all day, and look at every part of our operations and score us.

He picks us apart and tells us everything we do wrong, and, also, what we do right. But the emphasis is almost always on what we do wrong.

Obviously this puts the manager and crew people on edge.

I drew the lucky day this time. And when I say it was a surprise, I kid you not, it was a total surprise. I was in the middle of my open, just doing my thing, when I got a knock on the window.

Surprise! QSC Guy! Woo Hoo!

I’m a fairly new manager, and a very low ranked manager. You don’t really get much lower on the pay scale.

 So, needless to say, it kind of freaked me out.

But I know that I do my job well, and that the inspection just is what it is. So, I just did my thing, with a little more attention to detail than usual.

And of course, it was a freaking disaster. There was just problem after problem.

But problems is why I have a job. If the restaurant ran itself, I’d be employed just flipping burgers. So, thank you God for problems.

The experience was more than worth the stress. A pair of outside eyes, watching me work and giving honest feedback is something I need.

The feedback was phenomenal and motivating.

We didn’t score so well, but many things were out of my hands. The things that I can control, I will work to improve. There’s nothing holding me back but my own inaction.

So, to recap:

 Stress is good.

And thank you, God, for problems.

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