I like my job. It’s challenging, I’m pretty good at it, and there’s room for growth, but some days…

I really don’t understand the attitude that some people take when it comes to fast food.

We are serving you cheap food, rather quickly, so that your fat ass doesn’t have to do anything.

Some days, like maybe Friday and Saturday, your wait is a little longer, because HEY GUESS WHAT! Everyone else in the freakin tri-county area doesn’t want to cook, or has the I’m high munchies.

It’s no different than going grocery shopping on a Saturday morning–the lines are a little longer.

Add to this Saturday Night craziness a call out, and you’ve got a stressed out manager doing her job AND a position, AND covering the break that had to go out.

So, you’ll understand why I am being nice, but a little rushed with you, when you make inane requests of me.

And when you tell me I’m rude, you’ll understand why I just look at you blankly, close my window, and bag your food, while taking the next guy’s order.

You’ll also understand why when I open the window to give you your drinks, and you tell me I should find a new job, I silently agree with you for half a milisecond, and then give you that look I give total idiots and say, in my most sarcastic tone, “Yeeeeah. I’ll think about that.”

Then I’ll slam the window in your face and tell my sandwich maker to hand you your food, so that I don’t accidently spill it on your udders. Or is that your stomach?

Seriously, if you feel the need to be an ass to service people, you’ve got bigger problems than waiting an extra five minutes for that burger and fry that you clearly do not need.

2 responses to “RANT

  1. I’ve been pretty snarky myself lately. Thanks for the link šŸ™‚

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