I Still Have This Blog?

I’m adjusting fairly well to the new position in the new store, and perhaps becoming a little too comfortable. I’m already letting people get away with things that normally take months of wearing down. I think it stems from wanting people to like me. I am aquiscending in an effort to gain trust and then once trust is gained, try to goad them into doing the right thing. I’m not really comfortable with the manipulation aspect of it all, but the do what I say because I say so approach just doesn’t work.

My professional development has been at a standstill since the promotion, which is counterintuative, but understandable given the amount of moving around I have been doing.

The personal life also feels a bit stilted. I don’t really do much of any worth outside of work. I think I’m going to go in and take another shot at all those goals I started to make and never did anything about.

I’m going to take a serious look at my writing goals and actually get some words on paper, and make an attempt at getting published somewhere. No idea where or what or how. I’m thinking of writing a bunch of short stories and going from there. The slice o’ life blogging niche just doesn’t seem to be my thing. Just not where my talent lies.

I had great fun at the Beck ’08 tour stop last night. Say what you want about him (Pris, I am talking to you!), but the man is funny, insightful and sincere. Oh, and inspiring.

Not that I actually believe I can do anything about the myriad of troubles facing us as a people, but I can sit back and provide commentary at a moment’s notice.

Hey, we all need a purpose!

2 responses to “I Still Have This Blog?

  1. Your purpose should be to come meet Tim’s wife and son and my cute daughters.

  2. http://www.dickipedia.org/dick.php?title=Glenn_Beck

    Just sayin’. I question your use of the word “insightful.” The best part of the above link is the quote about Glenn Beck from Jon Stewart: “Finally, a guy who says what people who aren’t thinking are thinking.”

    Good luck with the writing.

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