It’s a funny thing, trying to keep onesself blogging out of sheer will.

I mostly fail, but I am going with the idea that if it becomes a habit, I will continue without fail.

I tend to psych myself out, because I know that this blog used to be enjoyable for some of you to read; that I have at times beeen insightful, funny, or moving. And in my mind, that all falls squarely in the past. I am convinced that it was some fluke brought on accidentally, and now that I am trying to live up to those expectations, I will fail.


Because that’s what I do. I fail. I start with a mountain of potential and end in epic fail. The only thing I don’t fail at is failing.

Oh, the self-pity is rather piteous, isn’t it?

Boo hoo hoo.


One response to “Epic

  1. Yes, but many epic failures can at times be combined, recounted, and sold for great sums. (Whether in the metaphorical form of experience being recycled for more than it’s worth, or the more literal selling your book or movie rights some day.)(Personally, I’d advocate both.)

    And yes, I very much enjoy reading your reflections.

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