Frosted with Good Intentions

Although in my everyday existence, I am not the most observant of people, my job requires a certain attention to detail. I’ve developed over time the ability to spot when something just isn’t right.

I had just put the front frosty machine on wash; the coming storm promised a slow night, and I had a sick crew person I was sending home as early as possible, so things needed to be done early.

I turned around and L had the bucket of frosty from the front in her hand, and was about to dump it in the drive thru machine. Frozen frosty machines are not fun. Frosty customers who are told we have no shakes, no twisted frostys, and no frostys are not pleasant.

“Hey, hold on a sec. I just put that machine on wash. That is solid frosty.”
“I just wanted to get it done.”
“Why don’t I just put that in the walk-in until it melts a bit.”

I got about five steps, and then bam!, we no longer had a frozen frosty problem.


It wouldn’t have been so bad, if it had just stayed put, the the impact when the bucket hit the ground launched it everywhere.


And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere:


Coke Float anyone?

Note to self: Get someone to shine that chili stove tonight. And scrub those barrels. I think more picture taking might lead to a cleaner store!

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