Another Pill

“Just take another pill.” 

We all laughed. 

I was upstairs with Bret and Kora, whining about being incapable of putting together a resume. 

“I just have all this anxiety about it.”


“I have nothing to put on it. No skills.”

“Sure you do. You’re an assistant manager. Talk about all your responsibilities, how many people you manage. Stuff like that. Just make it basic.”

It should be easy, right? I should just be able to open a Word Doc and type and lay it all out there, and then whatever. I mean, there are templates all over the place. 

But the mental block is just there. 

And it needs to die in a fire!

2 responses to “Another Pill

  1. That’s a bad way to die. I think you are mean. And you didn’t help me move.

  2. I didn’t get an Evite!

    And you have a big spider in your bush.

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