A Little Help

Now that I have stepped out of the fog that I sometimes find myself in when I fail to take care of myself, I’m trying to actually work on my writing. 

And I’m not talking about the jibberish I post here, that barely passes for writing. I’m talking carefully constructed pieces that go through drafts and edits and re-writes. 

Ya know… writing

Some of you have already read my first foray into peer reviewed writing. Popcorn Popping has sadly become an archive of things past, but Dybbuk and everything else, is still there for the reading. If you’ve already read it, great. If not, go over, take ten minutes out of your day to read it and then come back here and give me some advice. 

Is it worth continuing the story? Should I focus on re-writing it, or should I move on to the next part of the story? Or should I scrap the storyline and start something completely different?

I really want your opinion, so please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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