Unnegotiable To-Do List

Left to my own devices, without external guidance, mostly in the form of self-made lists, I would spend all of my time laying in bed, sleeping, stumbling through the internet, and watching Stargate. 

While these things are fine and dandy on a limited basis, the temptation always exists to waste all of my days off doing this. I have two in a row this week, and plenty of things that need doing. 

So, time for not only a To-Do List, but an Unnegotiable To-Do List. I’ll have to conjure up some dire consequences for failure to complete it. Maybe something like watching a Presidential Debate. ::shudder::

  1. Pay Parking Ticket
  2. Pay Excise Tax
  3. Make Turnip Dish
  4. Re-new Prescriptions
  5. Cancel Netflix
  6. Go to Drs
  7. Finish the Structure post for the Other Blog and Post it
Totally managable. 

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