Sweaters and Leaves

 Fall is my favorite season. It’s cold enough for sweaters, but not cold enough for snow. The leaves turn countless shades of beautiful–my favorite being that deep red that almost looks purple, and the streets become lined with the leaves that have floated down in farewell until the spring comes and they cling to branches once again. 

And did I mention the extra hour of sleep?


But of course, no sleep in happening here, because my brain won’t shut off. My life has become much more complicated, now that I am being all open to new ideas and trying to grow emotionally.

Deciding to be a big girl about life doesn’t mean that I don’t still get my feelings hurt; it just means that my emotional response should be more proportional to the stressor. And I think so far, so good. Most of the time. I’m still going to be very emotionally sensitive. Whether that is a result of the abandonment or the abuse, or just a perfectly healthy character trait, I’m not sure. 

I do know that I am much better at coming down from my irrationality rather quickly, after some time to think things through. This is progress for a girl who usually reacts to any small emotional wound as if the world were truly ending.

Somewhere out there, is my happiness. 

Maybe it will come dressed in a deep red sweater.


4 responses to “Sweaters and Leaves

  1. Autumn is a great season. The temperature is just right for a pair of sweats and your comfy sweatshirt. The leaves changing colors is beautiful to watch and find inner peace while doing so. What an opportunity to just enjoy life.

  2. Hey girl. Where you been? You doin’ OK? Just missin’ you ’round the board.

  3. I’m okay!

    I don’t know why I am not on the boards anymore. My subscription ran out, and I never re-upped it.

    I’m cheap. 🙂

    How you doin, Marc?

  4. Doin’ good. Killed a deer today. WOOT! 😎
    You wouldn’t believe the influx of new people since the election. Makes for an entertain’ evenin’.
    Hope you get back soon.

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