Out with the Old…

Below is the list of 50 Things I Want(ed) to Do Before I Die, about four years old. Things have changed, but not everything,

Bold are those that I accomplished.

Italics I’m still working on.

Strikethrough are the no longer desireds.

  1. Bear testimony completely by the Spirit.
  2. Spend a summer in Ireland.
  3. Publish a book.
  4. Get married in the Temple.
  5. Go waterskiing.
  6. Climb a mountain.
  7. Get my MBA.
  8. Buy a house.
  9. Understand the Book of Mormon.
  10. Have a two-way conversation with God.
  11. Watch my children get married.
  12. Get out of debt.
  13. Feel comfortable in my own skin.
  14. Own my own business.
  15. Read thousands of books.
  16. Recieve my Edowments.
  17. Speak another language.
  18. Learn to cook well.
  19. Eat lots of chocolate.
  20. Serve a mission.
  21. Learn to ski.
  22. Beat Bret at Pinochle.
  23. Become completely interdependent.
  24. Do what I love for a living.
  25. Say what I mean.
  26. Get my degree.
  27. Visit a monastery.
  28. Live where no one knows my name.
  29. Stop hunger.
  30. Adopt a child.
  31. Watch a World Cup Game live.
  32. Love without fear.
  33. Have confidence in myself.
  34. Watch the Red Sox with ANOTHER World Series.
  35. Sleep under the stars.
  36. Go on a cruise.
  37. Be someone’s hero.
  38. Rock my baby to sleep.
  39. Travel in Europe.
  40. Embrace my inner geek.
  41. Win an argument with Justin.
  42. Be in soccer shape.
  43. Read Catch-22.
  44. Treat my body like a temple.
  45. Walk up the stairs without getting winded.
  46. Decorate my house.
  47. Learn to act on promptings.
  48. Get a Hobby.
  49. Kiss in the rain.
  50. See a Broadway show.

I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same. 

How terribly cliche.


One response to “Out with the Old…

  1. You should read catch-22.

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